There are two types of bus services operating in the Pekan area i.e. the Express Bus and the Stage Bus. There are 5 bus consortiums owning and operating the services. They are Syarikat Utama Express, Cepat Express, Rapid Kuantan, Rahmat Alam Sdn Bhd and MARA. Most of the bus services start at 6.00am and end at 10.00pm

Terminal Bas Pekan

(Pekan Bus Terminal, Jalan Engku Muda Mansor, 26000 Pekan, Pahang)

Cars For Hire (Taxis)

Taxis play an important role in attracting more visitors to Pekan. Apart from being of great convenience to both local and foreign tourists, it also part of the public transport system for residents of outlying areas.

Generally, the taxi service may be divided into two categories - the local taxi service and the service for areas outside of Pekan District. For local trips, go directly to the Pekan Taxi Station.

Terminal Teksi Pekan

(Pekan Taxi Terminal, Jalan Engku Muda Mansor, 26600 Pekan, Pahang).