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The Town Planning Department is a core department in the Pekan District Council which has been established since 1996. Its main function is to plan and control development in the administrative area of ​​the Pekan District Council.



Establish a consistent, dynamic, reliable and customer-friendly development planning and control system.



  • Ensure that the goals, objectives and strategies in the National Physical Plan (NPP), Pahang State Structure Plan and Pekan District Local Plan and planning guidelines are used as a basis in planning.
  • Control and plan development consistently and systematically according to development plans and planning guidelines that have been set from time to time.
  • Establish an efficient and efficient planning system by developing a complete land use database.



  • Processing Permission Application for Planning and Preparing Certificate Paper Within 14 Days
  • Provide Planning Permission Approval and Pre-Counting Plan Within 7 Days




  • Processing Permission Application for Planning and Preparing Certificate Paper Within 14 Days
  • Provide Planning Permission Approval and Pre-Counting Plan Within 7 Days
  • Processing Application for Boundary Breaking / Division Breaking / Land Consolidation Within 14 Days
  • Manage MDP Land Applications and Government Land Application Reviews From District and Town Land Offices Within 30 Days
  • Provide Comments on Proposed Agricultural Development and Investment Projects Received from the Pahang Government Secretary's Office Within 14 Days
  • Process External Billboard Site Application Within 21 Days
  • Process and Review the Application for Change of Land Use Terms within 14 Days
  • Provide Comments on Government Land Application (Title, Temporary Occupation License and Reserve) by Government Agencies and Individuals Received from the District Office and Town Land Within 14 Days
  • Process Application for Park, Road and Alley Name within 14 Days
  • Provide Comments on Application for Premises / Hawker License in MDP Area Within 2 Days
  • Process Pre-Consultation Application and Planning Advisory Services Within 14 Days
  • Provide Reviews of Chicken / Duck Breeding Application and Others Received From Pahang State Veterinary Department Within 14 Days
  • Carrying Out Enforcement Actions Based on the Provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172)



  • Managing MDP Land Application Within 14 Days
  • Implementation of the Safe City Program and the Secretariat of the Safe City Committee Meeting
  • Implement the Sustainable Urban Program (MURNInets) and the Green Neighborhood Initiative
  • Planning the Implementation of Smart City, Low Carbon City, Sustainable Development Goal, New Urban Agenda and Other New Municipal Agenda
  • Preparation of Pekan District Local Plan (Replacement) and Modification
  • Preparation of Special Area Plan
  • Study Team In JPBD Peninsular Malaysia Special Project
  • Updating Development Proposal Approval Information In MDP Area
  • Providing Information and Updating Geospatial Data In I-Plan System
  • Provide Pekan District Geospatial Database and Develop the department's Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Processing Commercial Parking Confirmation Application
  • Managing Planning Information Requests from Government and Private Agencies
  • Managing MDP Centralized Signage Rental


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