• Manage media relations, statements and press conferences.
  • Coordinate visitor visits to functions and districts.
  • Designing, managing and providing publishing materials, annual reports, bulletins, brochures and other printed information materials.
  • Managing the handling and preservation of quality programs such as ISO, KIK, ICC and so on.
  • Manage programs and activities organized by Pekan District Council at internal and external levels.
  • Carry out promotional and call-out work on policy and campaign-related campaigns.
  • Prepare and coordinate council-related reports to SUK, Ministry and others.
  • Receive and coordinate complaints from the public by phone, in-person, email, website, fax or personally.
  • Processing and obtaining complaints feedback.
  • Become a Customers' Day Secretariat (HBP).
  • Responsible for conducting exhibitions and information to the public.
  • Handling protocols and official reception ceremonies.