Plan and regulate the development of quality landscaping and provide social services and recreational facilities to residents to generate and raise public awareness. to be clean, beautiful and progressive in a comfortable, healthy and safe environment.


  • Maintaining a shaded tree landscape.
  • Processing application for cutting and removing existing tree.

  • Manage shade tree nursery sites.

  • Maintain the landscape of the tree decor.

  • Embroider ornamental trees in existing landscapes.

  • Process refund of landscape maintenance collateral by the developer.

  • Manage nursery site.

  • Handle the stage decorations of official occasions and decorations in Council buildings.

  • Plan and upgrade recreational facilities projects (children's playgrounds, public pitches and  public parks).

Applicable Act

The Act applicable to landscape maintenance in the area of ​​the District Council operations is as follows:

Local Government Act 1976
Road, Drainage and Building Act 1984
Town and Country Planning Act 1976


Administrative and Technical Unit

  • Processing landscape plans for private development projects & handling quotations and tender landscaping projects from current provisions.
  • Planning, designing and upgrading landscaping projects of parks and recreational facilities.
  • Organize social, recreational activities involving public participation such as tree planting campaigns and landscape competitions.
  • Providing landscaping advice and ornamental plants to external parties or agencies.
  • Manage garden units and golf units.
  • Association and Local Societies.

Garden Unit

  • Maintain landscaping and public parks within the Council area.
  • Manage nursery.
  • Provide ornamental plants for organizers for certain events and occasions.
  • Mutual cooperation organized by outside bodies.
  • Implementing small landscaping projects and beautifying party areas.

Golf Unit

  • Conduct maintenance work on 18 holes golf course (Kelab Golf Di Raja Pekan) for leisure.
  • Managing the organization of golf competition by parties and external bodies.

City Park Unit

  • Maintain grass and trees in the garden area.
  • Maintain public amenities such as waqf, tower, traditional house, playground and facilities.



The landscape section provides services that are committed to every community within the area of ​​Pekan District Council operations. The services provided are directly or indirectly covering the following customer lists:

Facility users, Public in MDP operations area, Tourists, Developers / Landscape Architects, Contractors, Suppliers.

National Landscape Department, Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Housing and Local Government Unit, KDYMM Sultan Pahang, Government Departments and other Statutory Bodies, Associations and Organizations, Local Communities

For more information please contact directly to:

Landscape Division
Pekan District Council,
Jalan Mahkota,
26600 Pekan Bandar Royal,
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: (+069) 421 1064 Fax: (+069) 4221954