Pekan District Council (MDP) was established on 1st July, 1988 by Pahang State Government Gazette No. 503 dated 23th June, 1988. The area is the administration of MDP MDP was expanded through no news PW 3542 with the whole area is a square 2351.8km.

Basically the Pekan District Council duties include physical planning, economic and social development towards stability andar town and provide an efficient municipal services are also responsible for the planning and development of the town.

Pekan District Council administration is always responsible in carrying out the tasks entrusted to them efficiently and effectively. Correspondingly, the MDP will always strive to provide and implement services for the excellence of quality, satisfaction and comfort of the residents and taxpayers.

Pekan District Council to exercise its functions with the Local Government Act 1976 (AKTA 171) and MDP can carry out activities and enforce policies and regulations relating to the affairs of the Local Authority. Among the functions of the MDP are: -

i) Licensing and control the business, advertising and hawkers.

ii) To plan and control development, including structural plans.

iii) To coordinate and help develop the town or new town.

iv) To control building, advertising and signage.

v) Monitoring and managing the city and landscape.

vi) To build and maintain roads, drainage systems and manage system lintass ago.

vii) To provide and maintain public facilities such as supermarkets, stores, halls, sports complexes, children's playground, bus stop and many others such as leisure facilities, catering and leisure amenity.

viii) To regulate solid waste disposal and cleaning City.

x) Provide health services, food control, food hygiene sales center and control of infectious diseases.

xi) To improve the basic facilities, upgrading of the village and promote viable economic activities.

Customers MDP consists of two categories, namely: -

'Stake Holder'

i) Federal Government

ii) the Pahang State Government

Direct Customer (Customer Direct)

i) Government Agencies

ii) Licensees

iii) Taxpayers

iv) Civilians



The town makes a well-developed area, harmonious, prosperous and sustainable so that it is recognized at the national level by 2015


To improve the quality of life of residents in Pekan District Council area which is characterized by the identity of the royal city through efficient service delivery, effectiveness and integrity
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