The Information Technology Division is committed to supporting all parts of the computing aspect to enable the division / unit to deliver efficient and quality services to customers.


  • Implementing an application system development policy to replace the manual system manually.
  • Ensure the application system runs well according to current needs and user needs.
  • Ensure that all computer hardware and software are in good condition by performing periodic maintenance.
  • Provide skill training and computer usage understanding to all levels of staff.


  • Computerize, maintain, process and store all the records of the Pekan District Council.
  • Issuing tax bills, rentals and licenses and other computerized claims.
  • Conduct courses of understanding and computer use to Pekan District Council staff.


  • Management of hardware, software and computer equipment.
  • Development and maintenance of application systems.
  • Computer network system management.
  • Helps in managing computer labs.
  • Providing advisory services to ICT-related users.
  • Managing hardware, software and computer equipment in department.
  • Implementing the development and maintenance of computers and hardware.
  • Monitor and maintain all systems used in the department.
  • Monitor and update web pages.


  • Provide and maintain a mutually agreed upon computer application system within the specified period of time according to appropriate methods and standards within a certain period.
  • Provide feedback on all requests for system development within three (3) days of receipt.
  • Provide and coordinate computer facilities including its infrastructure to be in good condition and meet customer requirements.
  • Provide customer service and technical advice when required.
  • Manage and provide computer equipment for clients' needs in accordance with the agreement from time to time.
  • Ensure that every complaint and problem can be taken as appropriate at the three¬†(3) days after the complaint is received.
  • Ensure the best service quality at all times.


Information Technology Division
Pekan District Council, Jalan Mahkota 26600 Pekan, Pahang
09-4211 230