Administration Division

  • Coordinating and controlling the administration affairs of the Council, general administration, the management of external and internal meetings of the council.
  • Providing advice, counseling and management services to staff in all departments and divisions of the Council.
  • Coordinate the official affairs and activities of the Council.

Human resources

  • Responsible for the development of MDP human resource management in terms of staffing and service requirements for staff.
  • Ensure that every employee is given a course and training to advance and improve productivity from job creation with efficiency, cleanliness, trust and quality.
  • Providing knowledge and skills to staff in handling all tasks assigned.
  • Responsible for the development of the Council's organization covers existing job surveys and the need for new job creation, service schemes and placement and staff exchange.
  • Conduct matters relating to the services of the service such as pensions, salaries and allowances, leave, loan, acting allowance claim, liability, discipline and so on.