Local Agenda 21 (LA21)

A program that emphasizes the involvement of three (3) parties, namely local authorities, public and private sector work together to plan and manage their environment towards sustainable development and a higher quality of life. Is a global action plan or blueprint (blueprint) for sustainable development.

Sustainable development - development that meets present needs without denying the needs of future generations. They include population control, food security and energy resources. In addition, it also integrates the priority economic, social and environmental.

Community Vision Week - Cultivating a competitive society to progress and development of the region through the implementation of town values ​​and science while maintaining continuity of the royal town of Pekan.

Derived from the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992 (environmental and development conferences United Nations) Signed by more than 178 governments, including Malaysia One of the five (5) important documents resulting from the Earth Summit Conference.

LA21 program

1. To Local Authorities / Agencies

Improve understanding, support and cooperation with the public and the private sector in programs that have been designed and will be implemented.

Body image as a government that practices good governance and 'good governance', characterized by public participation, transparency, responsiveness, consensus, efficiency can be improved and responsible answer.

2. To the community / individual

Opinions and contributions are taken into account in the planning and implementation of programs aimed at improving the quality of life.

Enhance the sense of responsibility, love, pride in their environment and 'sense of belonging'.

Quality of life can be improved through a more clean, comfortable, convenient and safe

3. To the private sector / company

The opportunity to give help, contribution and service to both the success of the program has been designed.

The company's image as a responsible corporate citizen and sensitive to the environment and the needs of society can be improved.

Also provides an opportunity to promote the products of the company through sponsorship of activities in the LA 21 program.